Travelling with your dog

The Holiday season is fast approaching, and whether you are staying in the UK or going abroad, there are some sensible precautions to take for your dog.

Car Travel

If you have a new puppy, try to acclimatise them to car travel early on. Decide on a secure way to travel, a crate the right size for your dog is the safest way, but for bigger dogs, perhaps a harness which attaches to your car on the back seat would work best.

Always be prepared for your journey ;-

Take a water bowl and fresh water, offer frequently

Stop for breaks,  it is good for people to stretch their legs as well as dogs

Carry a good supply of poo bags, pick up and dispose of sensibly

Search in advance for dog friendly hotels, bed and breakfast or self- catering. Many companies realise how important it is for people to take their pet on holiday as part of the family. If you need to, give written instructions in advance to hotels to make sure there are no misunderstandings

If self-catering, ask about gardens- are they dog proof or have available pet walking areas

Ensure you take your pet’s bed, throws  or an old sheet for beds  in case your dog climbs up, hotels are not very pleased if they end up with wet paw marks on the bed linen

Take toys, Kongs, balls, games to provide mental and physical stimulation to ensure they feel at home

Travel Abroad

Ask your Vet what the requirements are for pet travel abroad, you can also look on the DEFRA Website
for current vaccinations and Parasitic control guidelines for the country you are travelling to

Make sure you start arrangements in enough time to get vaccinations done for the required Pet Passport – ask your Vet for schedule

If you need to use a pet container for air travel, acclimatise your dog well in advance, leave the door open and put bedding and treats in so your dog can go in and out as wanted

Your pet should be micro-chipped whichever way you travel, it is expected to become law in 2016

If you decide not to travel with your pet, it may be better to leave them with a responsible dog sitter or kennel. If you have not used one before, ask friends or your vet for recommendations, and always visit them first. If your pet has any special dietary requirements or takes medication, leave written instructions to avoid misunderstandings.
So enjoy your holiday ……

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