Christmas – What to avoid for your pets



Happy Christmas 2016 from my our two little Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Sapphire and Sadie


We all want our pets to be healthy and happy over the Christmas period, so here are some tips to keep them  way.

Turkey in small amounts is fine for most pets except for those with sensitive constitutions, but do not feed chicken or  turkey bones as these splinter. All  items such as Christmas pudding, mince pies, cake, contain currants, sultanas, raisins which are toxic to pets as are grapes, and are also high in fat and alcohol. Anything with sweeteners are also toxic. Some nuts especially macadamia can cause seizures or choking. Chocolate is toxic, the darker- the worse it is, so do not leave any on surfaces pets can reach or put chocolate decorations on trees and keep coffee ,tea and alcohol out of reach.  Other toxic items are wax candles, silica gel (usually in with shoes or bags) holly and  mistletoe. Tinsel and ribbons are attractive to cats and kittens, but can strangle if caught around the neck and trees have been known to fall over with the help of these inquisitive creatures. Glass tree ornaments are also attractive as they shine in the light so it may be best to stick to unbreakable ones as they can cause nasty cuts or huge problems if swallowed. Electric cables should be secured, a puppy chewing would get a nasty shock. When buying toys for your pets, choose good quality ones which suit your dog or cat’s needs, and ask your children or visitors children to keep toys with small parts away from pets to avoid them swallowing and choking. If you have any problems contact your on-call vet.

Most of all, give your pet a quiet place to go to away from all the noise and do not let small children follow them, they need their afternoon snooze just like the rest of us. Enjoy your Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.



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