Was thinking of you the other day, I have to thank you for the Chase n Tug toy. It has actually changed our lives, helping with Meisha’ s issues, and now we have a Vizsla pup who is bonkers for it too! Great idea! Have a good time in Switzerland Leanne x

We highly recommend Trixie for adolescent dog training – she’s amazing! Molly has responded so well. She loves her snuffle mat and doesn’t bother us when we are eating anymore. Fantastic. And with the Chase n Tug toy, her recall is 100% now. Incredible. We cannot stress how excellent this training is, it’s genius. Thank you so much Trixie � Annie

My little pup, Sidney, has had the Life Skills training and extra training with Trixie and he absolutely loved all of it. He learned very quickly and a lot of it was due to the Tug & Chase training tool and toy. I really think he loves it more than chicken!! It’s fabulous outside to let him chase it and it wears him out. I think I’m going to have to order a second one as he’s wearing this one out…..fabulous!!
Trixie is so gentle and kind that Sidney loved training with her. He learned so much and so did I

2018 We highly recommend Trixie for adolescent dog training – she’s amazing! Molly has responded so well. She loves her snuffle  mat My vet, Laura from Coastways, recommended I contacted Trixie as my 12 week old puppy, Fifi, was biting quite painfully and I was feeling very distressed. Trixie responded immediately by Email and a follow up phone call and provided very sensible, helpful advice. We then attended the brilliant Puppy Skills Class run by Trixie and Jay. Fifi loved meeting the other puppies and I found the advice very useful and reassuring. I decided to take Trixie’s 3 session puppy training course. The first session at home was a revelation. Trixie was so gentle but firm and immediately loved by Fifi. She encouraged her to stop biting within the first hour by recognising that Fifi was very bright and probably bored needing further stimulation and “work”. She loved responding to Trixie’s commands and to the snuffle mat and tug and chase toy. The next two sessions in the park and the beach were equally successful. We keep meeting dogs trained by Trixie as we recognise the e_xpressions used such as “say Hello”, “…..(dog’s name) come!”. She has a well deserved fabulous reputation. I really love Trixie’s approach of praise rather than harsh discipline.

I have just this week asked Trixie for further advice for my now six month old Fifi and, as always, she responded immediately with very sound recommendations.

I’m really pleased she’s helping Fifi develop into a confident, happy, well behaved (most of the time) pooch. I’m sure we’ll stay in contact during the next phases (on no … teenage years!)

Thanks and love Trixie from Fifi and Carolyne x


We highly recommend Trixie for adolescent dog training – she’s amazing! Molly has responded so well. She loves her snuffle mat and doesn’t bother us when we are eating any more. Fantastic! And with the Chase’n’Tug her recall is now 100%. Incredible! We cannot stress how excellent this training is, it’s genius. Thank you Trixie. Rating ***** Annie, Lewes

September 2017 Great session with Trixie in Preston Park this afternoon on the 3 week puppy training course. Looking forward to the beach next week . Highly recommended  5* Esme Brighton

Feb 2017   Karen- Summer still has her Chase’n’Tug and still loves it.. best toy ever for playing at the park, she always comes back for it so perfect for recalling her back when needed.. thanks Trixie

Thanks for the chase n tug for little Finn, just spent an hour showing his owner how to use it to improve his recall – brilliant results already!! Helen, Dog Trainer & Behaviourist Sept 2016

Many thanks Trixie for the great work you did with my little scamp Pepe it will make life a lot fun for the both of us. Tony 10th September 2016

Dog training
I cannot thank Trixie enough for the amazing work she did on our dog Hendrix! Chase and tug has been a lifesaver. Although we have a little way to go yet, Trixie gave us the tools to complete the job!            Lauren
Dog training

I can’t recommend Trixie enough – she has so much knowledge and helpful information. Great to feel we are really making progress with her help – thank you Trixie!  Katrina, Brighton June 2016

Top Customer Reviews on Amazon

Verified Purchase  Chase’n’Tug Dog Training Tool

Brilliant – my dog loves this – it’s definitely his favourite toy and is great fun for us too!
Reviews from purchases on Trixies website

Mark and I both feel we have been most fortunate having you supporting us with kobe’s lovely integration into our lives. Thank you so much Trixie. Lots of love. Fariba xx ❤ May 2016

Trixie is brilliant. We joined her for Puppy Life Skills when our puppy, Geoffrey, was a couple of months old. And then we decided to get one-to-one puppy training with Trixie too. It has been an absolute revelation, and Geoffrey has responded so positively to it. Trixie’s Chase’n’Tug toy works particularly well with a distracted terrier, and he is now so much better at recall. We couldn’t recommend Trixie more highly!  Laura


Highly recommend. Bella loves her Chase n Tug, we play every evening and it is her favourite game. now a great choice of toys to go on the end. Very quick delivery and very helpful and friendly.  Naomi

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Chase’n’tug. I could never get my dog to take notice of me and he would never come back when I call him, but he loves this and keeps watching me all the time now. Not only that, but when I call him, he runs up to me and sits waiting, but also so do other dogs, they like it as well. I think you will do really well with this. Linda, Brighton

The Chase n Tug has been an amazing discovery for our energetic 3 year old boxer, Harvey. He reacts to it far more favourably than any other toy, making walks more fun for him and for us too. We highly recommend both the toy and the genius behind the concept. Christian & Myles, Brighton.

I wanted to again thank you for your help with Poppy. The Chase’n’Tug  brings her back 85% of the time. There has been a vast improvement in her behaviour. 
Many thanks    Vicky 

Sandie Moore re Chase’n’Tug
If you never buy another toy for your dog get this !!!! Fantastic …. our dog loves it and we keep it exclusively for when we walk off the lead and it has been a great training aid for that purpose … Thanks Trixie …..

Lorraine Halls – 5 star
I am a first time dog owner and wanted to get it right so, me and Harley have been trained by Trixie and she was superb, would highly recommend, very patient, clear and precise and has so many tips, she knows her stuff, very impressed and Harley loved her too

14 April 2015 ·

Subject: Rafa: lead training

Hi Trixie,  I had a very successful 10m lead walk with Rafa yesterday, utilising all the skills you shared with us. Rafa didn’t stray beyond a couple of metres (with the exception of chasing a couple of birds!), I think he’s as anxious about being able to roam as I am. I’m so chuffed with Rafa’s progress, he’s really taking to your techniques. Rafa will be part of our family for a long time and I am so determined to put the effort in now so he is a pleasurable addition to the family. I’m so glad you were recommended to us.     See you next week,     Susie x

 13th October 2014 I just love to watch you work, you have the most amazing rapport with dogs and you provoke incredible responses with such a gentle manner. It seems to be all about calm and patience; it would be lovely if that approach could be adopted in the human world! I’m always amazed at how willing dogs are to learn and how intelligent they are and with such little effort they can become real buddies. I got so much out of the session this afternoon, but best of all was Rafa’s happy expression you left us with. Soppy eh?! So glad you were recommended to us.

Look forward to seeing you on the 29th. Susie

Seeing as I had never had a dog from a puppy before I wanted to get it right so decided to get some training for my boy Bruce. I’m extremely pleased with the results and would highly recommend Trixie’s services, she was extremely clear and patient (even with a dog as stubborn as mine) haha!!      Hana Kessler

Dear Trixie, re de-sensitisation at the Vets  Over the moon with our success today! Kaos is currently on the sofa enjoying an extra snack (like he didn’t get loads during the session). I wasn’t sure it was going to work, but it was fantastic. Many thanks to Jay too to who has put in lots of work on this. Did you see Koas trying to get back into the consulting room at the end? Who would have thought it!  Camilla xx


Feb 2016    Hi Trixie, One training session with you was more helpful and enjoyable than the 16 sessions we had at a local dog training class. I love the Chase’n’Tug, it is wonderful Jackie and Paddy the Cockerpoo

20 Sept 2016

Vanessa W  Thank you Trixie for a great start to Brooklyn’s training this morning. Amazing training techniques and top advice. Looking forward to the next session

April 2016  Hi Trixie, thanks for a great training session for Maya today – she’s knackered now and sleeping like a baby . Anne and Hugo x

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