Chase’n’Tug Training Videos

How to get the perfect recall using the Chase’n’Tug

One of the hardest things new puppy and dog owners face is letting their dog off lead and getting it to come back (recall) especially with other distractions around, such as other dogs and people. The Chase’n’Tug dog training tool really helps with this as the toy provided with it has 2 squeakers which you can use to get attention, then as your dog approaches get it to follow the toy on the cord, wiggling it along and around until you eventually allow the toy to be caught. Teach a “drop” command then and swap for a tasty treat ie small piece cooked chicken to allow you to to pack the Chase’n’Tug away for next time.


Fraggle the Saluki Lurcher having fun training with the Chase’n’Tug

Louie showing how to do a good recall using the Chase’n’Tug

Sloughi Lurcher

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