Rescue and teenage dogs

March 2018      Zac is famous 😃
Zac is a rescue dog from Zakinthos that I have been working with over the last few months to increase his confidence and social skills so that he is able to live a full and happy life as a pet dog in Brighton. He arrived in England very anxious and fearful of almost everything. With careful desensitisation to being handled, owner education of canine communication, gentle encouragement to explore his environment and be brave, and extensive socialisation at our Puppy Life Skills and Terrible Teens courses.. Zac has made vast improvements in his behaviour. He is well on his way to being a happy little dog..
Another happy ending

Here is the article Carolyn Monteith wrote about rescuing dogs from abroad where Zac gained his fame. It just shows that with careful handling any dog can become a faithful companion even though most of these dogs are completely un-socialised due to living on the streets and foraging for food. This is part of the reason we started Terrible Teens classes at Coastway vet group for older pups and dogs who may not have had the early training and socialisation they needed

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