Trixie’s 3 week personal puppy training course

Once your puppy has had their complete course of inoculations, they will be ready to go out into the big world and need to be equipped with the skills for life and to build on the bond with their owners.
We offer a three week personal one-to-one course  for ease of learning for a happy puppy and happy owner  which includes basic commands such as sit, down, stay,  leave it, lead walking, recall . The personal training will enable you to ask questions and learn at a speed which suits you and your puppy.
Week 1  At home – as this is where many training issues arise, we can assess and tackle any problems before you step out of the door to make you feel comfortable with your puppy.
Week 2  In the Park – we  put into practise the good skills learned, concentrating on recalls and lead walking in a realistic environment..
Week 3    At the beach – We practise recalls on the beach and focus on perfecting your lead walking skills. Your puppy will develop good social skills with other dogs as we practise on lead meet and greets whilst you learn to recognise basic canine communication. This is ideal for your puppy to learn confidence in a busy and noisy  environment.

if your puppy or dog needs a non pull harness Trixie will recommend and fit it for you during your session. We do not recommend others as they need to be fitted correctly.

Book and pay for  3 sessions in advance, the cost is  £150.00 for the three, but if you have attended Puppy Life Skills you will receive a discount of £10.00 making the final cost £140.00
If you have an older puppy or dog who needs one-to-one training we can help you with that as well
Please contact us to book your next appointment on 07711-653476 or e-mail

NB Coastway Vets are closed for puppy life skills until further notice due to COVID-19 , once they reopen we should be able to resume courses there. Meantime we can offer the 3 week course or single sessions if you prefer and during the summer Trixie will be running her Puppy life skills courses outside again. Please email for when dates are available.

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