Post Class Information – Puppy Life Skills

What next after Puppy Life Skills?

Once your puppy is fully vaccinated, he or she will be ready to go out into the big world and will need to be equipped with skills for life to ensure you have a happy and confident dog who is able to cope and adapt to the environment.

We offer a three week tailor-made  one-to-one  personal course which includes learning basic commands such as sit, leave it, lead walking. recall and prevention of potential behavioural problems, and discussion on how dogs learn and communicate, breed needs and adolescence.

Your Personal training sessions will give you the opportunity to ask questions and learn at a speed which suits you and your puppy, for easy and stress-free dog training using  positive reward based methods.

If you have an older puppy or dog who needs one-to-one training we can help you with that as well
Please contact us to book your course on 07711-653476 or e-mail



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