About Trixie

Trixie Howard RVN DipCABT DipNut

Trixie qualified as a veterinary nurse at the Royal Veterinary College, London in 1996.
Since then she has worked in a variety of small and large animal practices in the UK and Australia.
She completed a Diploma in Nutrition in 1999, and qualified as a veterinary nurse assessor and trainer in 2002, spending several years involved in teaching, training and assessing Veterinary nurses.
Trixie began studying canine and feline behaviour in 2005. In 2009 she completed the COAPE advanced diploma in companion animal behaviour  and training (upgraded 2016) and is a member of the CAPBT (the COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers). In 2010 Trixie completed the APDT (the Association of Pet Dog Trainers) foundation course.

Trixie runs her own pet behaviour business, offering Dog and Cat behaviour consultations and training, teaches ‘Puppy Life Skills’ socialisation classes and Adolescent dog classes and runs the behaviour clinics at Coastway Veterinary Group in their 7 practices in the Brighton and Sussex area. For  5 years she also headed up the team of veterinary nurses at Nestle Purina at Gatwick and York assessing dogs for their pets at work ‘Passpawt’ scheme and gives CPD talks to Veterinary staff. Trixie is occasionally involved as an expert witness in dog related court cases,  writes articles on various aspects of dog and cat behaviour,  works with disabled dog owners to enable them to get the best training results with their pets, and gives talks on various subjects as a visiting lecturer.

She has a huge interest in conservation and wild life having been to Africa as a volunteer with lion conservation and South Africa with the World Veterinary Service

If you wish to contact Trixie to make an appointment or enquiry please  ring 07711 653476 or email trixiehoward@trixies.biz 


4 Responses to About Trixie

  1. Heather Lavender says:

    Regarding our two year old bichon. We have been recommended to you from a neighbour of your’s. Can you please tell me, how much you charge per session. Many Thanks.


    • Hello Heather, it depends if you need training or behavioural help. Could you send an email to Trixie at trixiehoward@trixies.biz explaining what the problem may be or if you wish to discuss it with her the number is 07711-653476 If she is out with clients leave a message and she will get back to you Thank you Simone


      • Heather Lavender says:

        Hi Trixie. I don’t know if you have been in touch with me. I had a message from someone the other day but i deleted it. We are at our wits end with our bichon. From Heather and Kevin.


      • Hi Heather, I passed your message onto Trixie and she Wd have contacted you. She is out with clients today and Sunday is her only day off, but if you send your contact details to 07711-653476 she will call you to discuss what help you need asap, John mentioned a friend needing help so I assume it is you. Trixie will be able to help you Regards Simone


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