SEEK’n’TREAT © Scent game/enrichment/snuffle mats

Seek’n’Treat © Scent game mats are a great game for your dog.. not just for scent hounds.. I haven’t met a dog that doesn’t enjoy it.. Excellent for mental stimulation and teaching your dog how to play independently.. Great for distraction, for example when  you need to open the front door or if you have a dog who worries you at meal times or use for distraction if you just want some peace and quiet when you have visitors. Always have a few treats ready to sprinkle into the mat and place away from the area you wish to distract them from, then do what you want to in peace. Spoil your pup this year

How to use  Sprinkle some small dry treats around on the mat, work them in a bit to make it harder, then let  your dog hunt for them and it will keep them busy for awhile.

Note:- Never leave your pet alone with any interactive product in case they start to chew it, small parts can choke. You can see what fun they are in the videos below. To order click on the links below

Seek’n’Treat© Scent game  Mat is made on an anti-slip  rubber base   Size approx. 30×20 cm ( 11×8″)  There are several different colours including  our Wild Animal range. As these are all hand made there will be variations in colour in each one

£16 plus £3.00 postage each  To order – Just click on the PayPal link under each one. You do not need a PayPal account to order, you can just use a credit/debit card. You can also collect from Trixie in Brighton , just message us

As these are hand made every one will be different, colours will vary

To order see below;-

To buy Seek’n’Treat© mat ;- Just click on the link to Pay Pal for each colour, mats will be shipped out in 1-2 days and can be posted directly to recipient if it is a gift

Red, white, blue

Red/white/blue   To buy click here;


Pink and purple

Purple/pink  click here;-


Leopard  click here

snuffle mat green

Vintage green, pink, lavender

Vintage pink/green click here’:

Beige check

Beige  check click here click here


Zebra click here

Bright rainbow   to order click here;-

Rainbow snuffle mats

Please be aware that orders to the Republic of Ireland attract international postage rates Please contact us for details before ordering

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