Bitch Spays – There is another way

Ovariectomy Vs Ovariohysterectomy

Every responsible dog owner inevitably has to make the decision to neuter their canine companion.

When you are making the decision about when to spay your bitch, there is an alternative surgical procedure in the UK which not many people are aware of, called an Ovariectomy.

Most of us know about Laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery for people which has been carried out for years. So, why not do it for our pets. The benefits include shorter surgery time, reduced anaesthetic time and dose, reduced need for pain relief and the procedure involves less trauma to the body tissues resulting in faster recovery. Laparoscopic Ovariectomy involves removing the ovaries as opposed to the traditional spay method of removing both the uterus and ovaries. Research has shown that the benefits are the same, by reducing risk of pyometra and mammary tumours. There is also anecdotal evidence that leaving the uterus alone may also reduce the risk of urinary incontinence later in life.

We have recently had our two Cavalier Kings Charles spayed using this method. Like most people it is a hard decision to have them spayed, so we wanted it to be as painless as possible with quick recovery. After some research we discovered that Aniwell Veterinary Surgery in Poole, Dorset was the nearest surgery to us that perform the keyhole surgery. We took them in at 8.30am and collected them at 4pm. They walked out just a little quiet and had already eaten a little food whilst in the vets. We were given a post-operative care sheet and asked to go back in 5-7 days for a check- up.

When we arrived home, they were hungry so we fed them some fresh chicken then took them outside on a lead to make sure they stayed quiet and let them settle down. The next day we expected them to be quiet and lethargic. However, they were happy to go outside and were bright and responsive. When we looked at the surgical wounds on their abdomen, there were two tiny holes which did not even require sutures, the veterinary surgeon used surgical glue instead. They did not require further pain relief and the result was two very happy little dogs and owners.

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