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Following on from our special offer of 10% from each sale of Chase’n’Tug’s going to Hope for Podencos  in Spain  (HOPE) who do an excellent job of rescuing these beautiful dogs, we are offering continuing support to Hope for Podencoes in Scotland (PINS) who continue the work by finding loving forever home in the UK. Everyone on the team at PINS gives their time freely so that all funds raised are used just for the welfare of the dogs.  You can see more on their facebook page.

Podencos have a high chase drive as they are bred for hunting, but then often turned out on the streets when not useful any more , but luckily the HOPE rescue centre is there to help them now. The Chase’n’Tug is particularly suitable  for them to help keep their focus on you and away from unwanted behaviours (Please read Chase’n’Tug page description and instructions to see how that works) so we are offering our continued support by donating 10% of any sales of Chase’n’Tugs via this page to Podenco owners or their friends (does not have to be a Podenco dog as the Chase’n’Tug works for most breeds) and they make an excellent gift.

Here is Panda who is a beautiful Podenco girl having a rest by the fire after playing with the Chase’n’Tug with her owner and with her companion Caley

Chase’n’Tug’s come in 2 sizes, Regular for small-medium dogs and Extreme for bigger dogs, it costs £2.95 for postage but we can send 2 for the same postage if you want to get together with a friend but they need to be posted to the same address. For larger amounts please message us for postage/courier costs but it is always cheaper per item. They all come with a no-stuffing toy which can be changed for a favourite toy at any time. Both these training tools were designed by a VN/behaviourist/trainer and made in the UK using good quality materials which should not be confused with the cheaper versions on the market. We do not use bungee cord as we find it is too whippy, instead we use paracord as used by the US military which will take up to 250kg weight, and the compact size will fit into a bag or pocket so you can always carry it with you.

To buy please click on the links below and please mark your order PINS so that we know where to done the money;-



Regular Chase’n’Tug  click here; –

Extreme Chase’n’Tug click here;-

We also have some lovely Seek’n’Treat snuffle mats which are great for enrichment/play so please have a look through our site and share with friends.



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