2018 Dog shows

Brighton dog shows

2018 First dog show of the year


2017 dog shows

Sunday 30th July  Pride dog show

Another great year for this show, even more entries and the weather was lovely too.

Trixie gets a great cuddle and lick from a former client and Jay is having a little chat

The lovely Coastway gang worked really hard whilst Guy and Miss Jason had their work cut out judging  entries

Line up for judging

Some of the fabulous entries for fancy dress



Trixie logo final

A great times was had by all at the very busy Adur fun Day dog show  Sunday 19th September 2016



Laura & Hendrix


Trix, Jay, Katy

Laughton dog Show Trixie, Jay & Katy


Pride Dog Show

Sunday  31st July 2016

It was a fabulous sunny day with a huge turnout, lot of Clients, friends old and new

Here are some of the photographs









Photographs from 2016 Bark in the Park, for more photographs please go to Friends of Queens Park on Facebook


Bark in the parkCome along for a fabulous fun day out from 12 noon in Brighton with your pooch…We will all be there…And we are eagerly anticipating who will be the sausage catching champion 2016


Sunday  20th September 2015

Photographs from the Adur dog show






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